Stay Consistent With Your Blog Schedule

With a notepad and pen in hand, my first blog didn’t happen because of a schedule, it happened because I was passionate about a subject or topic. With that notepad and pen, I started my blog near the end of my university degree, writing blogs whenever I wanted to. Now, I look back and see how simple it was, to just post content when I had it.

Growing an audience sadly isn’t that simple, you need content that is interesting and to post it consistently. Planning a schedule of posts and sharing content consistently will help to grow the traffic of your blog and increase how many people engage with you. With today’s blog post, I thought I’d share my ways of staying consistent with a blog schedule.

  1. Plan Ahead. Having a blog schedule enables you to work on blog posts in advance and plan blog posts that fit in with your life. Creating a plan with content helps you to work on blog posts and titles, write them down and take the pressure off you.
  1. Do Not Take On Too Much
    Your blogging schedule should be realistic and achievable otherwise you’ll be setting yourself up for failure. If you have a full time career, a busy home life, maybe even both, then writing a blog post twice a week could be hard to keep up with. Starting small is best; maybe one new blog post per week, the key is to build consistency.
  1. Use To Do Lists
    To do lists are my go to! They really help me stay organised with any schedule I have. One thing is to make sure that you prioritise your to-do list tasks and tick each one off so you do not miss any of your deadlines. A to-do list can be the most useful thing to use, then there’s no need to rush the blog and publish it there and then.
  1. Batch Tasks To Blog Faster
    Blogging is not a quick task, it takes effort and a whole bunch of time; there are ways to make it go a little bit faster by writing a batch of blogs at one time. This could collecting all you images for your next couple of blog posts, or writing a month’s worth of blog posts in a day. It may also help you to blog faster and you’ll have an idea of what blogs to write next.

Blogging consistently does not mean you have to blog all the time, seven days a week. Blogging once every month, three times a week, once a week and so on is consistent. Everyone has other commitments that are considered crucial, be that home life, relationships, even your job. These things are important, think about your time and how much spare time you realistically have.

There is nothing to say you cannot blog more at certain times of the year or seasons, but if you stick to a schedule, you’ll succeed with your goals as a blogger. I’d love to hear how you stay consistent with your blogging in the comments.

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