April Monthly Reflection

April has been a weird month, there’s been so much going on, so many places opening up! It’s been amazing but it’s also been stressful! I have loved getting out and about again, however the Covid stress of being back in shops, pubs and restaurants has increased massively! Sometimes I get very anxious about it... Continue Reading →

Things to remember when you’re feeling overwhelmed

I know we've all had a very stressful and anxious year, and we've realised that you aren’t really in control of anything in life and anything could change in a second. Life seems to gain some more normality day by day, but what if we're not fully ready for that? How can move through life... Continue Reading →

Wild Wings Birds of Prey

Wild Wings Birds of Prey is a Registered Charity and provides a Rescue, Conservation & Education Centre for Birds of Prey. I recently went to visit Wild Wings now things have started opening back up in the UK! It’s a wonderful sanctuary for birds of prey, all of them are well looked after and have... Continue Reading →

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