Throwback Thursday – Osterley Park and House, National Trust

Happy Thursday wonderful people, I hope you are having a wonderful week. I wanted to try something new, so I thought I would start doing some Throwback Thursday posts.

I love looking back on all the wonderful places I’ve been to, especially the National Trust houses and Gardens.

So for this week I have chosen Osterley Park and House, I originally visited in Summer 2019. There is something so wonderful about this particular house, the peacefulness, contrasted with where it is situated in London is just incredible.

You have the busy streets, hustle and bustle, and yet there is Osterley. It’s so quiet, the grounds filled with quacking ducks and tweeting birds, the sound of the occasional aeroplane flying over head.

The Long Gallery is 40 metres long; it featured in films and TV Shows including: The Young Victoria, The Dark Night Rises, The Crown, Miss Potter and Belle, to name just a few.

Here is my original blog post from when I visited Osterley in June 2019, I hope you will take the time to read it.

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