Stay Consistent With Your Blog Schedule

With a notepad and pen in hand, my first blog didn't happen because of a schedule, it happened because I was passionate about a subject or topic. With that notepad and pen, I started my blog near the end of my university degree, writing blogs whenever I wanted to. Now, I look back and see... Continue Reading →

Things That Can Make Or Break Your Blogging Journey.

When it comes to blogging, I am by no means an expert. I started blogging while I was at University and chose a niche that was very niche. I chose to originally write about theatre shows because we received free tickets, at the time I was really passionate about it. But, since then I've branched... Continue Reading →

Blogging Myths.

The time you spend on the internet, you will realise that there are many misconceptions about blogging. Everyone’s blogging experience is different and so are the strategies you use as a blogger! Not every blogger will grow or manage their blogs the same way as they will implement different tasks into their blogging routine. The... Continue Reading →

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