Coughton Court – National Trust

Set in the heart of Warwickshire, Coughton Court is a huge Tudor house, with beautiful gardens and a catholic collection of treasures. It has been the home of the Throckmorton family for over 600 years, they have been persecuted for their catholic faith, but with links to secret plots and political intrigue, they have risked... Continue Reading →

Stay Consistent With Your Blog Schedule

With a notepad and pen in hand, my first blog didn't happen because of a schedule, it happened because I was passionate about a subject or topic. With that notepad and pen, I started my blog near the end of my university degree, writing blogs whenever I wanted to. Now, I look back and see... Continue Reading →

My Visit to Cambridge

Hi everyone, I would normally do an 'September Monthly Reflection', however this past week I have been on holiday in Cambridge, so I thought I would share what I did during my visit instead. My visit to Cambridge started after arriving on the outskirts and traveling on the bus into the city centre. We arrived... Continue Reading →

Bletchley Park

Holding a unique history of how the British overcame German, Italian and Japanese ciphers, Bletchley Park is where the World War Two codebreaking operation took place. The contribution of men and women whose roles made the allied victory a possibility cannot be overstated! Previously, I’d only heard of Bletchley Park in a film, The Imitation... Continue Reading →

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