Tips to Improve Productivity For Bloggers

I’ve had a rocky relationship with productivity over the years, especially when it comes to blogging. Last year during the pandemic and lockdown, I managed to find a lot of time to do my blog and market it, however a year on and I’m back at work with only and hour or two to get my blog done!

Productivity has had me wrapped around its little finger, I struggle with not being productive and feel like I need to be doing, doing, doing all the time. I’m still learning how to keep track of my blog and the productivity within creating posts and marketing my blog.

I have learnt a lot about what works, what doesn’t and what you shouldn’t even bother wasting your time on; it really is a matter of working smarter and not harder. No amount of blog views or praise from your boss is worth beating yourself to the ground over.

A lot of bloggers would like to be more organised with their blogs, that’s no secret but obviously it’s hard and can be even harder when you have other commitments. I hope you can take something from the advice I’ve shared and it will improve your productivity as a blogger.

Categorise and prioritise
A to-do list is your first point of call when it comes to productivity, but there’s no use having one great big massive list with 200 things on it. Categorise your to-do lists into sections and highlight the most important tasks. I have always found that a small to do list each day is what keeps me productive.

Break down your tasks
Any particularly big or overwhelming tasks on that list can be broken down too. So if I’m creating a blog post, I will start by writing the post, checking the SEO of the post, taking photos, editing photos etc. One big task soon becomes smaller, more manageable tasks, which in turn helps your productivity.

Have a tidy space
I find having a tidy space to work in is one of the most important elements of being and staying productive. My work “area” at home can often get very messy. The first thing I do in the morning, before I do any sort of blogging, is tidy up. Having a tidy space to work creates a tidy mindset I think!


Shut off distractions
If there’s an important task that needs doing, the best way to just get it done. In today’s digital world, that’s not always so easy, try limiting how much time you spend on your phone, avoid scrolling aimlessly through social media and put the TV remote in another room! I’ve tried this so many times and it always works, especially when I’m blogging!

Don’t beat yourself up
Some days, it just ain’t going to happen, no amount of “how to increase productivity!” blog posts will make you more productive. And that’s okay, some days you just need to take a break and breathe! Learn to accept it and move on, we can’t always be productive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s important to remember that not all of these pointers may work for you or be feasible for you and your situation. I’d recommend taking one of them and then slotting it into your routine, for example, setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier to schedule tweets for the day and check your emails.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, I’m always interested in what you find helpful when it comes to productivity!

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  1. Great post! I am so guilty of having a giant to-do list and then getting nothing done because I felt completely overwhelmed. A smaller list with the most important things highlighted makes so much more sense. Thanks for sharing these tips!!

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