Staying Organised Even When Your Life Feels Chaotic

With life getting back to normal, I know I won’t be the only one who feels like life keeps getting more and more chaotic. To me it does sometimes feel like there are already a million things to get done, with little time.

So let’s look at what we can do to stay calm, rid the anxiety and ease the negativity that seems to surround us at every turn in the crazy world we are living in. We’ve probably all got a way to help us keep calm in times of stress and chaos, but what do you do when it doesn’t work? Not to worry, I’ve searched and scoured the internet for ways you can stay organised when life feels chaotic.

Time to Digital Detox

The first tip I want to share is to limit your media use, whether it’s email, social media, television, texting, or even paper sources like magazines, you know these are your biggest time-sucks. Set limits for the number of times you’ll use your phone and social media, decide how many times you’ll allow yourself to check your email, or surf the web. Then stick to it and spend the rest of your time doing productive tasks. Once you start to take charge of your time in this way, you’ll find you have more motivation to keep going.

Try to accomplish one thing a day

Instead of the massive to-do list, if it overwhelms you, then try to accomplish one task a day and work your way up. A massive to-do list can make it harder to feel motivated and calm, then it can increase the chaos and anxiety you’re feeling. Try to be realistic with the tasks you want to complete, and the essential tip is to not set the bar too high. If you know you’ve not got time to do a food shop, leave it to another day, try not too cram in too many things into a day.

Press Pause

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day… By taking a little time off and away from all tasks or organisation, we come back fresh and better than before. You cannot go forever without needing a pause to recharge or refuel, and no matter how crazy things seem, you take a break every now and again okay? Make a promise to yourself, because sometimes it is better to pause and breathe. It will actually make you more efficient when you come back.

Self-Care (of Course!)

It’s super important in times like this to practice self-care. Set aside some unplugged time and go for a walk outside in nature, have a bath, eat some chocolate, have a glass of wine or gin. Some might think that doing nothing is a bad thing but setting aside a little R&R can do wonders for your well-being. Doing so will have a restorative effect to help you reset your senses.

I love sharing tips like this, because years ago when I was at Uni and having real issues staying organised and even getting up in a morning, I wish I’d have looked for tips like these! I really hope this helps those of you in need and makes your feel more organised and less stressed. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Some fab tips. I remember last year when lockdown ended and I found myself having plans all of a sudden I was like “woah!” because we’d spent so long indoors. It’s so important to keep organized during this phase of the pandemic when things are certainly going to feel a little more chaotic for everyone, with work and things opening up again!

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