Dance HIIT workouts on Youtube

Working out shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun and enjoyable! I’ve been trying to different things every time I workout, when scrolling Youtube I found these workouts from EMKFIT.

The best dance workouts make you feel like you’re in the middle of a dance floor instead of being in your living room. EMKFIT posts workouts that are HIIT Dance based, they are so fun and I tell you what, you burn a lot of calories during it.

But just because you’re having fun doesn’t mean you’re experiencing less than a typical workout session. Dance fitness has been proven to improve people’s mental and physical health such as building muscle and increase in a positive mood.

Here are four of my favourite workouts from EMKFIT:

So, I hope this inspires you to have fun while working out, after all exercise isn’t meant to be a chore. I’ve become one of those people who loves exercising now, this has only happened since lockdown, but still I thoroughly enjoy it!

Let me know how your workout and if you try these workouts!

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