Film Review: A Simple Favour

A Simple Favour is one film you should really watch… I was on the edge of my seat and wow it did not disappoint. Warning, some spoilers!

Sly and sweet with an acidic finale, A Simple Favour is a female-friendship comedy of polar opposites. Anna Kendrick, who plays Stephanie, is a widow raising her son in Conneticut. Stephanie doesn’t know what hit her when she meets a new friend Blake Lively, who plays Emily and we find out that she has gone missing.

Stephanie and Emily meet through their sons, who attend the same school where the other parents mock Stephanie’s anxious parenting. No surprise that she instantly takes to Emily, who emerged like a Vogue model during a rainy day to shine her radiance on Stephanie.

Stephanie spends her days spouting cupcake recipes on YouTube, while Emily caps off the school run with a strong martini. Trust me you won’t guess how this story will end!

And so the story unfolds, the film tells it’s story in flashbacks. Those flashbacks tell the truth of Emily, she has never been anyone’s friend. She was a bully, a drunk, and a narcissist.

In this clever and sexy thriller, flashbacks are the only thing that tell the truth, while the speaker is still talking, and eventually revealing darker truths.

You’re not sure where the film is going till it arrives, an emotional beat involving Emily’s hunky professor husband Sean (Henry Golding). Stephanie’s sudden “friendship” with Emily’s husband is strange to the police but this fuels her search for Emily, like she is getting closer to him to find her!

Incest, arson, fraud and addiction all have a role to play at one point or another within this film, the cast is the strong point – Golding, Lively and Kendrick certainly play brilliant parts and make the film what it is.

The many shocking plot twists keep you gripped and there’s plenty to be enjoyed, as long as you’re sufficiently prepared for such a wild ride.  It’s a thriller in which two women are the centrifugal force of the intrigue – a thriller in which you will be shocked by the ending.

Go and give it a watch – let me know what you think! I really like this film as it has such an intriguing storyline, if you’ve already seen it let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I had really liked this film until the end which was just too weird for me. It starts so strong though, really intriguing. I’m glad you liked it!

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  2. I’ve heard incredible things about this film since it was released, but I’ve never watched it. I’m not one for thrillers because they truly spook me far too much, but the cast is incredible – and I love that Anna Kendrick plays someone with my name haha!

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  3. This movie is so strange, and I didnt know how I felt about it, but I have recommended it to other people, and it’s easier to decipher on repeat viewings. Great review!

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  4. This film was nothing like I thought it would be but I really enjoyed it and recommend it all the time to people who are looking for something to watch.

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  5. Scans through comments and notices no one says what I’m thinking:
    I seen the trailer and thought Blake is being a hot lesbian that Anna character falls for. And they end up being hot bad ass duo
    Y”all: Nope
    Me: Boo, opportunity was wasted. Lol

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