The Importance of Acknowledging Low Feelings

We all have times where we feel low. Sometimes it is because you have just had a bad day, and sometimes it is because you are going through a tough and stressful time.

I have had many moments where I have felt low, and this has made me realise the importance of acknowledging these feelings.

As we enter into a new year, I wanted to share this blog post with you to let you know you’re not alone. Accepting feelings for what they are, whether they are good or bad is something that everyone can find to be beneficial.

I wanted to talk about this topic on this blog post, and discuss reasons why I accept low feelings for what they are and how it is important to me.

If you don’t accept your feelings for what they are, it can accumulate to the point where you can’t cope – talking from experience here.

Can help with motivation – One thing that I realised is that accepting when you feel low can be upsetting and uncomfortable at times. Sometimes feeling upset and uncomfortable at that point of time might just be what gives you extra motivation to succeed.

I often take the time to reflect on things and accept the fact that I felt down to help me grow. If you take time to acknowledge the times where you don’t feel good, it might give you extra motivation to do something about it so you don’t feel low for long.

Learn to be kind to yourself and kind to others – In my opinion, one of the things that helps with wellbeing the most is knowing that it is ok to not be ok once in a while. When you acknowledge the low feelings for what they are you become more kind to yourself.

It is literally impossible to feel positive and happy 100% of the time and it is not something that can be forced either. I have found that when you are kind to yourself, you become kind to others and are more empathetic and understanding of other people’s struggles.

In a better position to grow as a person – Part of the reason why you may feel low or down is because you are facing a problem or going through a difficult period. These difficult situations help you learn and grow as a person.

If you acknowledge the fact that you are feeling low, then you are automatically accepting that you are going through a challenging situation. You’ll then be in a better situation to use the challenge as a platform to grow as a person and learn new skills.

Everyone feels sad sometimes.
You can learn to manage your sadness.
Feeling sad does not mean you are experiencing depression

When you think about it, if you didn’t have low feelings you wouldn’t know what high feelings are. Also being aware of our emotions can help us talk about feelings more clearly and move past difficult feelings more easily.

Do you find it easy to accept when you feel low? Let me know how you deal with low feelings.

15 thoughts on “The Importance of Acknowledging Low Feelings

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  1. A really good post. It’s bound to be more difficult for people at the moment but we need to acknowledge that and if possible rationalise it for ourselves. Nothing is normal at the minute. Almost expect to feel low, I guess. If you feel bad, reach out, speak up.

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  2. Working on accepting the way i feel has been really rewarding for me. When i feel down or have negative thoughts i just pause and say to myself “this is how i feel, and this is okay”!

    Great post! thank youfor sharing.

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  3. Love this! Such an important thing to write/discuss about. I’m starting to become more aware of not ‘dismissing’ the low feelings (as well as acknowledging the good moods too). To help myself I talk to my Mum or a close friend, write in my gratitude journal or just do some self care; eat something I love, put on a favourite movie or listen to music etc.

    Thanks for sharing! 😊

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  4. Really great post! I agree with you, we have to acknowledge our low feelings. Once we acknowledge them we can then begin the process of moving through them. I also agree that without feeling low we wouldn’t be able to appreciate feeling good. Thanks for sharing!

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