How to Improve Your Blog

I love having a blog, and working on my blog is such a fun hobby. However, I’ve recently been trying to find ways to build my blog into something more.

I always want to find new ways to reach more readers and write more of the posts I’m passionate about.

So today I thought I’d write a post about a few steps you can take to improve your blog!

These are just a few tips that could come in useful if you’re looking to improve your skills a little, or even just mix up your blog content.

At the moment, if you find you have more time on your hands than normal this could be a great time to build your blog into something you’re really proud of.

1. Reach out to other bloggers

I love connecting with other bloggers, and this is a great way to improve your blogging game. Whether this is writing a guest post for a blog you admire, or commenting on other blog posts it’s a great way to show that you’re engaging with blog content.

There are lots of ways to reach out to other bloggers, such as on Pinterest and Twitter, but whatever social platform works for you, it can be a great way to improve your blog and understand your readers.

2. Mix Up your Content

Mixing up your content is so important in keeping your readers engaged, as well as ensuring that you continue to enjoy your favourite hobby. You could change your blog theme, invest in a Premium blogging package, or add some new widgets to your site.

It can also be beneficial to write about something different. For example, I like to write about lifestyle topics. But every now and then I mix it up by talking about something more important, such as film reviews or helpful blogs.

I think mixing up your content is really important- not just because it’s more fun for you, but also because it keeps your readers engaged.

3. Put in the time

While it would be great to instantly become an award-winning blogger, you have to be willing to put in the time. That could mean posting on social media everyday in between work shifts, or scheduling a post every week.

I know time might be an issue for a lot of people who work full-time jobs, but honestly it will help to put your spare time aside to help improve your blog. I have a full-time job myself, but with scheduling on both twitter and WordPress this has helped me be consistent!

Putting in the time can also mean investing in yourself. For example, buying your own domain or purchasing a more professional theme can take your blog to the next level.

I hope these steps help you improve your blog a little – whatever you’re looking to do with it in the future. I always find that a rethink or re-jig of content is the best thing to improve your blog, especially when you want it to be fun and not a chore!

Comment below, let me know what you think, do you think my tips will help you re-think your blog? 

16 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Blog

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  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas! Mixing up content is such a great shout – I always find it helps to refresh you and give you a bit of a creative boost!

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  2. Very nice tips – what’s your favourite topic to blog about? I try to maintain a mixture as well, like travel or politics, but my favourite is posting short stories

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  3. Love these tips! Adding in a new topic of content every now and then is a good idea – sometimes I think I go out of my niches too much but I think that maybe it’s good to a little so you attract new readers. I also like to try and plan a month ahead xx

    Caroline |

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  4. I couldn’t agree more with everything you mentioned in this post. Networking with other bloggers and investing time in your blog will definitely be useful in helping you become a better blogger and improving your blogging skills.

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  5. 1. This kind of posts is perfect to get other bloggers involved into discussion 🙌
    2. If you are reading blogs through wordpress reader you usually do not see widgets and whole blog layout (which is sad, especially when somebody puts a lot off effort to create perfectly looking blog)
    3. Totally agree!

    Great post, thanks for sharing that tips 😃

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  6. These are some great tips! I love the idea about mixing up content and adding in new widgets. (Which widgets would you recommend?) Also, tip #3 is huge! You don’t get anywhere if you don’t work at it.

    Great tips and thank you for sharing!

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