Blog Ideas to help you with inspiration in 2021

Here’s some inspiration for 2021.

We all struggle to keep coming up with new content for our blogs, from time to time.

One of my goals for this blog is to help people as much as I can. I love to share knowledge and ideas with others, were all in this together after all!

Here are some Blog Ideas to help you with inspiration in 2021:


  1. Set yourself some goals for the next month and talk about them
  2. Recommend your favourite books
  3. Self-confidence and self-care tips
  4. Best TV recommendations
  5. Write a review of something you’ve read/watched/used recently
  6. Recommend some workouts or fitness activities you enjoy
  7. Talk about a topic you feel passionate about (whether that be politics and feminism or why pineapple does (or does not) belong on pizza – it doesn’t!)
  8. Share your best and worst bits about blogging


  1. Show us your skincare routine
  2. Share your everyday makeup routine
  3. Share product empties and if you’d purchase again
  4. Recommend some makeup must-haves


  1. Top fashion must-haves
  2. Outfits of the week
  3. Talk about sustainable fashion
  4. Some of your favourite shoes and where to buy fro


  1. Share your bucketlist
  2. Write a list of places to travel and why
  3. Write travel guides about places you’ve been
  4. Create a packing list for holiday


  1. Highlight some tips and tricks of blogging
  2. Write tips for blog writing in general from your experience
  3. How to balance blogging/work/school/uni
  4. Share what you wish you’d known before starting a blog
  5. Write a list of blog post ideas

Hopefully, my blog ideas will give you a few things to work with when you find yourself lacking in creativity and motivation.

I’d enjoy writing blogs like this, I’m so happy to give you as much advice as I can. What other ideas do you use when lacking blogging inspiration, let me know in the comments?

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