December Monthly Review

Well, Happy New Year! Starting 2021 with a December monthly review might not be traditional but, here goes! December was actually a good month for me, life has been getting back to some sort of normal. Especially when I got to spend Christmas with my family and my boyfriends family, however my thoughts have been with those who have been alone this Christmas. Hopefully 2021 will bring some happier news and more positivity.

So, onto my monthly review of December. First up in December was Christmas Jumper day, at work we raised money for Save The Children, who do an annual Christmas jumper day for the whole of the UK. I have two Christmas Jumpers, but I think this one is my favourite!

Next, a lot of resturants in the North of England were able to open back up after the lockdown which meant me and my boyfriend could go back to the Fishpool Inn near Delamere Forrest in Cheshire. They had their Christmas tree up as well, which is just stunning!

I also feel like I have drank my weight in Hot Chocolate throughout December, but that’s okay because it was nearly Christmas! HAHA – however it really did help cheer me up on those days where never really saw daylight because I was working long hours. You cannot resist a hot chocolate that looks like this can you?

I really do love eating out at nice restaurants and I really missed it during the November Lockdown. So my boyfriend and I made the most of it, we booked to go to our local Miller and Carter! I love this chain of restaurants so much, if you’ve never been I really recommend going, the food is so good! We even tried their pigs in blankets from the Christmas Menu!

Then Christmas arrived! I cannot believe how quickly it has come around this year, feels like I blinked and missed a month or two! This Christmas must have been different and difficult for some, but I hope you all had the best Christmas possible. I certainly won’t forget this Christmas, it’s a reminder of how fortunate we are!

And then we had snow! I woke up on the 28th and there it was, a white blissful view from my bedroom window. It was still dark and cloudy, so I did a workout (burning off the night before’s quality street and toblerone) and then got ready to walk our family dog Misty.

She wasn’t a fan of the snow at first but then she loved it, she was even posing for photos lol. At the back of where I live there’s a big field, it was barely touched when we got up there and then children and families were playing in the crisp snow and building snowmen. What a beautiful sight to see and what a lovely way to end 2020.

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  1. Happy New Year! From the pictures, it seems like you had a great time in December and I am glad you had time to spend with your family after this challenging year! Wish you the best for this new year x

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  2. Sounds like you had a great December. The restaurants were shut where we live. I think my aunt has recommended The fishpool to us so must try that after this lockdown. You can’t beat a hot choc with cream. Looks yum.

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  3. I feel 2020 was the longest, shortest year ever…. and if that doesnt make sense, neither did the year, lol. I, too, just like you am a sucker for hot chocolate, but who can resist it during the coldest days of the year. Happy 2021!

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