Blickling Estate @ The National Trust

Blickling Hall is a stately home within the Blickling Estate located in Norfolk. Blickling has been in the care of the National Trust since 1940.

The view of the house from the front or any angle, is fabulous, stunning. 

The estate has a lot to offer anyone who visit, the estate is 4,622 acres in total, 950 acres of woodland, parkland and gardens.

Within the acres of the Blickling estate is the Orangery, it is still used today to house orange and lemon trees even though it is unheated.

As you enter into Blickling Estate you walk straight into the garden in all its glory. there’s beautiful blooming flowers, of every colour and shape. The formal garden is the result of three centuries of inspired planting.

There are apples growing in a long orchard throughout the gardens where other fruit and vegetables are grown and used within a lot of the produce sold at Blickling.

Blickling’s walled garden supplied enough produce to feed the people who lived and worked on the five thousand acre estate.

However during the twentieth century the garden fell apart and work began in November 2014 to restore the walled garden to its former glory.

We were also able to explore the inside of the House at Blickling. This is such a joy for me when we visit National Trust houses, I love seeing the interior and beauty on the inside.

Blickling is a beautiful stately homes, visitors enter via a huge staircase which leads to other rooms in the house. Blickling is constructed of red brick with a gabled façade and elegant corner turrets.

Alterations to the house were carried out in the 1760s and 1770s, resulting in a harmonious marriage of Jacobean and Georgian styles.

Due to Covid there was a one-way system within the house and it took quite a while to walk around. The tour of the main building was short as there were only four to five rooms to explore, but well managed. 

The interiors within Blickling feature spectacular 17th-century plasterwork by Edward Stanyon, including the ceiling of the remarkable Long Gallery which is 123 feet in length.

The Long Gallery is perhaps the most remarkable room because it was built for the soul purpose of social activity and exercise in bad weather.

Funny, but true which is why it is so long. It is now the home of 10,000 books and Blickling has become of the most remarkable and important libraries in the country.

Blickling is an impressive property and estate, I thought it was well worth a visit if you are in the area. The National Trust are currently struggling to open many rooms as the availability of their volunteer staff is low due to the pandemic.

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  1. So beautiful! The house is stunning and the gardens sound just as amazing — I’ve never heard of an orangery before but it sounds wonderful!

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