Ways To Relax After A Busy Day

Hi everyone, I hope you're all well, today’s blog post is based on finding ways to relax after a busy day, it’s very important to look after yourself and do some self-care after a long day. This is so that you don’t burn out and get too stressed because we all know what it's like... Continue Reading →

Happy Sunday

This past week has felt like it’s been the longest week ever! I’ve been feeling tired and sore from the gym, so on Friday and today I headed out on a long walk. On Friday, I went to a local park where there is a lake to walk around with lots of wildlife and open... Continue Reading →

Nature and Happiness

A lot of the time we think that nature must be good for our health and happiness. The benefits of nature are well documented, whether it is the physical benefits, such as reduced stress, lower blood pressure or lower heart rate, or the benefits of improved mental health. Amongst other things we were only able... Continue Reading →

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