March 2021 – Monthly Reflection

Wow... another month has gone in a flash... Spring has finally arrived, the weather is gradually getting better and life looks more promising! We've hit the year anniversary of the lockdown in the UK, a lot of things to look back on and appreciate. We've all been through unimaginable things in the past year and... Continue Reading →

February 2021 – Monthly Wrap-up

I must say this every time I do a monthly wrap-up, but how quickly did February fly-by... One minute it’s February 1st the next it’s March, it came and went without me noticing. This month I set myself a goal to care about my self a bit more, so I’ve been counting my calories, eating... Continue Reading →

December Monthly Review

Well, Happy New Year! Starting 2021 with a December monthly review might not be traditional but, here goes! December was actually a good month for me, life has been getting back to some sort of normal. Especially when I got to spend Christmas with my family and my boyfriends family, however my thoughts have been... Continue Reading →

July: Monthly Reflection

Honestly, these past two months have been a whirlwind, with difficult situations to overcome and the return to work, but I've had a rewarding month. I am coming out of lockdown with a new refreshing feeling and more purpose to life. Especially when it comes to a routine, my weeks are now no longer rollling... Continue Reading →

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