Improve Your Writing Skills As A Blogger

As a blogger, the one skill you need to master and be good at is writing. It may sound pretty obvious, but you need to write informative and detailed content to entertain your audience. You also need to express your thoughts and opinions clearly, which will require your writing to be good and coherent. I... Continue Reading →

Blossoms @ the AO Arena

Last Saturday I went to see Blossoms at the AO arena in Manchester, it was the first gig since before the pandemic! Live music is something I love and I’m a massive fan of Blossoms so this gig was right up my street! After waiting so long to see a band play live, they did... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 National Trust Houses

Founded over 120 years ago, the National Trust was created by people who wanted to preserve the best of British heritage. Since then, the Trust has welcomed millions of visitors to stunning buildings, homes and nature locations across England, Wales and Northern Island. I’ve been a member for two years – I was given my... Continue Reading →

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