Sandringham Estate

Where to begin? This is a must-see if you are going to Norfolk. Sandringham is the loved country home of Her Majesty the Queen, who visits more than twice a year and spends her Christmas there. The country house has been the private home of the British monarchs for four generations. There is no admission... Continue Reading →

Selfcare Sunday: The Body Shop Vitamin E Cleanser and Toner

So as far as skin care goes, I have tried a lot of different brands and products, from Clinique to Simple to Nivea. Sometimes I find it hard to stick to one particular product because of how my skin can vary throughout the year and what it reacts with. For years I have issues with... Continue Reading →

July: Monthly Reflection

Honestly, these past two months have been a whirlwind, with difficult situations to overcome and the return to work, but I've had a rewarding month. I am coming out of lockdown with a new refreshing feeling and more purpose to life. Especially when it comes to a routine, my weeks are now no longer rollling... Continue Reading →

Places to Visit in Cornwall

With life getting back to normal and people going on holiday in Britain again, why not try Cornwall. If you’ve never had a seaside holiday in England before then you’re in for a beautiful and mouth-watering treat. For as long as I can remember I've had a sea-side holiday, it's something I really look forward... Continue Reading →

Norton Priory – English Heritage Partner

Beautiful and historic ruins hidden away in the heart of the North West. Norton Priory Museum & Gardens is where visitors can explore the 12th-century buildings and priory ruins.  The museum within the Priory exhibits the archaeological finds from Europe's most excavated monastic site. It is home to the internationally significant, 14th-century statue of St.... Continue Reading →

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