Blog Advice from Actual Bloggers

Today, I wanted to do something I’ve never done before. I wanted to connect with more bloggers and collaborate with them. I feel like no matter how much you blog, getting advice is always wanted. I always look to other bloggers when I’m looking for inspiration or am in the mood to immerse myself in... Continue Reading →

Lost Words of the Children’s Dictionary

31 words have been removed from the Oxford Children's Junior Dictionary. Over the past few years, words such as Conker, Acorn, Heather, Willow and Kingfisher have been removed, often in favour of other words associated with modern technology. The 28 authors, including Michael Morpurgo and Robert Macfarlane, warn that the decision to cut around 50... Continue Reading →

Not by degrees: Improving the mental health and well-being of students at university within the UK

University can be a very stressful part of life for many 18-year-olds and there can be many factors that contribute to the deterioration of their mental health. Mental health issues are now more significant than ever, with around three quarters of adults experiencing issues before the age of 25 – probably whilst they are at... Continue Reading →

Tackling the spirit of Rugby Union

Schools are being urged by medical experts to ban ‘harmful contact,’ within rugby games, especially resulting from tackling and scrums. Academics from Newcastle University: Professor Allyson Pollock and co-author Graham Kirkwood, argue that injuries occurring within youth rugby are due to the collision elements of the game. Their recent study in the British Medical Journal... Continue Reading →

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