Christmas Blogging Tasks To Attempt In December

With only two weeks left till Christmas, who’s planning to switch off over the festive period? I’m personally looking forward to some well-earned time off work and time with family to relax and be merry! But, between Christmas and New Year, there’s a point where the leftovers are lacking and you’re getting sick of rich food and drinks.

So, during this time each year, I often get my blogging tasks and other tasks I’ve been putting off. This is where it’s the perfect time for reflection. Also, my to-do lists are always a bit ambitious and tasks are often left till January. I thought a great blog post about the tasks you can do throughout Christmas and December would be helpful.

    I’m murder for planning my content calendar but never going through with half of the posts I come up with. It doesn’t have to be miliatry planning, but maybe seeing what new ideas you can write about or even having saved posts for the ‘just-in-case’ blog moments.
    This is always a fun one to do when you’ve got some spare time, there are often changes we all want to make but never have the time to do. Plus, there are always developments you can make, it’s also a good time to go through your site and check everything is working properly.
  3. SET GOALS FOR 2022
    This is kind of like new year resolutions, but more productive. People often set themselves a goal for the following year but never get round to doing it. If you set little goals for the following year, you can maybe work on them and ensure you get them done, like posting a blog a week.
    It’s the least exciting thing about blogging and everyone has a different system when it comes to organising their files and media. Perhaps it’s time to have a digital clear-out and see what images or blog posts you still want to keep on file, plus use this time to back everything up, just in case.
    I’ll end up doing this task the most over Christmas, reading, watching crap TV, sometimes just living life can be the most important thing for your blog. I really want to make time for myself and get back into a routine of being inspired to write about daily life or lifestyle posts.

I love everything about Christmas, I feel like I just want to enjoy the days I have off, not to think about work or blogging. But, it’s probably one of the only times where I feel like I should be productive, all it takes is ten minutes of not procrastinating. We all know how easy procrastinating can be especially when we’re at home all relaxed.

Ten minutes can seem like such a short period, but over the Christmas period when you’ve got days filled with fun stuff, it only takes ten minutes to do something productive. Let me know how you’re going to be planning your blog around the festive period!

10 thoughts on “Christmas Blogging Tasks To Attempt In December

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  1. I’m taking a break from blogging as of next week until early January, as I just want to spend time with the family 🙂 I will schedule a few tweets and insta posts but other than that it’s eating, watching TV and family time 🙂 I do really need to plan my content more, especially for the year, good tip. Maybe I should do that in between eating and lying on the coach lol 🙂 Merry Christmas.

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  2. These are all things I’m trying to get done before next Thursday! I plan to still promote and interact with others on social media but I don’t want to be doing anything with my site other than that! We all deserve a break!

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