Improve Your Writing Skills As A Blogger

As a blogger, the one skill you need to master and be good at is writing. It may sound pretty obvious, but you need to write informative and detailed content to entertain your audience. You also need to express your thoughts and opinions clearly, which will require your writing to be good and coherent.

I was a literacy student and journalism student, but writing has always been natural to me, it definitely comes easier to me. I’m not the type of person who can speak in front of a crowd, but I could write a 1000 word essay so easily. I wanted to share some tips of how to improve your writing as a blogger, I’ve always relied on people’s advice on here, so keep reading!

Read Often

Reading other blogs to improve your skills is a good plan, but it can have an impact on your writing style. Think about it, with all of the bloggers out there, if they all had the same writing style – every blog would look the same. Which is why it’s good to read other blogs and see how you can put your own spin on a certain topic.

Find Your Own Style

Building originality and finding your own style is so important, especially when writing your own blog. At the end of the day, trying to improve your writing skills means that any written resources will help you, be that other blogs or articles. Doing research on certain topics will help you build your knowledge when it comes to writing a blog.

Use an Editor

I’m embarrassed by my earlier blog posts because I didn’t use grammar software. I now use Grammarly with my initial drafts of a blog, and then double check it before it goes live. If you’ve used an editor, you’ll see how to improve your grammar and spelling on each paragraph.

Try Journaling

Journaling has gained a lot of popularity recently, I myself have been partaking especially during the pandemic. It doesn’t have to be a diary, but journaling will allow you to write about whatever you want to write about. It’s a great way to practice writing and structuring your blogs, as well as developing your blogging skills. By writing every day or every week, you’ll get dramatically better at writing in a short space of time.

Read What You Want to Write About

Reading can also help with improving your writing skills as many of you know. By reading about topics in depth on different platforms, you’ll understand your niche better. Seeing how other people write about a certain topics it help you develop your writing skills. When I began as a blogger and writer, I read a lot about how to start writing and blogging.

Just Write

The final to help you improve your writing is to just write and keep on writing. Don’t edit your work while you’re still creating a blog, go back once you’ve finished writing to allow your creativeness to flow. Since I began blogging every week, I’m more used to writing a lot and it’s getting easier and easier to… just write!

I hope you’ve found this blog helpful, improving your writing skills is vital!

14 thoughts on “Improve Your Writing Skills As A Blogger

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  1. great tips! definitely think that in order to improve writing skills.. you need to write, as well as read other blogs. you gotta know what your competition is doing and writing. and by writing more, it will help you feel more comfortable with the craft.

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  2. Love this post, all your points/tips are so valid. I do want to add another one, sort of a twist to the “Read What You Want to Write About”. I would says it’s also important to “write what you want to read about” as a blogger. I think it helps to view your posts as an audience and assess whether it’s something you yourself would find interesting enough to read. 🙂

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  3. These tips are all so true and realistic. Nobody can improve writing skills without writing and writing a lot. To be able to have your own voice you have to experiment, try different styles, and also read a lot. Thank you for sharing!

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  4. These are really great tips! I’m learning along the way and sometimes when I look back at my older boosts, I’m like how on earth did I even press the publish button?!


  5. Excellent tips! I’ve found journaling and reading others blogs to be the best things for me so far. Another thing that I’ve been doing is taking professional writing certifications at a local university. This particular one is only five classes so it’s good for working adults. I, too, consider myself a decent writer but so far it’s been helpful for honing my skills.

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  6. Thank you so much for recognizing that writing is important to blogging! I don’t know how many blogs I’ve read where they say that you don’t have to know how to write. I can tell the difference in quality for sure. Reading has helped me to find my writing voice but sometimes it’s can be a bit overwhelming. I do need to start reading more blogs. I read plenty of books but blogs for sure can probably help me out too!

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