Tips to Beat the Autumn Blues

With the days getting shorter, the weather getting cooler and the leaves are turning brown, it’s definitely nearly autumn. It’s such a colourful time of year, yet it brings low temperatures and wet rainy days, it’s known for being the start of the cold season.

Our bodies need quality care at this time of year, this may be why you’re experiencing mopey feelings, so how can you beat those autumn blues and fully embrace the season? Here are some tips you can use to beat the autumn blues, and once again find motivation and enjoyment despite the colder weather.

Be Active

Feeling like hiding in bed during the bleak weather? I’m sure we all know that feeling, one thing you can do to improve your mood is to be active. Our bodies regularly need exercise to boost a mood, but it is best in the fresh air as it will quicken circulation and strengthen the immune system. How about jogging, going to the gym, cycling, hiking or Nordic walking? Exercise or physical activity is known to stimulate happy hormones in your bodies and studies have shown that active people are less likely to catch a cold or the flu.

Deep Relaxation

Now more than ever, finding ways to cope with stress and learn how to completely switch off is really important. There are many things you can do for deep relaxation, for example, yoga helps you focus and relax the body and outdoor hikes in the crisp air clear your head. Plus the amount of sleep you receive each night, according to doctors, can also affect your moods depending on the time of year.

Be kinder to yourself

When it comes to the cold months, everyone can be more prone to feeling down due to the lack of sunshine, this makes it even more important to take time out and be kind to ourselves. By giving yourself some time away and enjoying the things you do in your spare time you’ll automatically feel happier, more content and invigorated. At times when you feel low, try to be kinder to yourself and remind yourself that these low moods can be a result of the lack of sunshine and light.

Eat warm, nutritional foods

One thing you may be lacking in your diet is vitamin C, as it helps to boost your immune system and ward off illnesses like colds. The autumn months are abundant for vegetables so if you include leafy greens and nutrient-rich vegetables in your diet as possible you’ll be getting enough zinc and magnesium. You may also need to find a balance between the carbohydrates we eat and the level of fresh fruit or vegetables we have in our diet. This will also give us more energy and provide our bodies with the vitamins we crave.

Upbeat playlists

We all know that happy and feel-good music can lift anyone’s mood. So one tip would be to create an upbeat playlist for yourself maybe play it when you’re getting ready in the morning, or during your commute. It will help get you in the mood to start your day and hopefully prevent low moods.

I hope you found this helpful, but a change in mood is common in the autumn season. Hopefully, you can beat the autumn blues with the easy tips to help you feel energised and refreshed.

15 thoughts on “Tips to Beat the Autumn Blues

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    1. These are such great tips . This is my most favourite time of the year but I do find it difficult on some days especially when you’re stuck inside and it’s pouring down. Will definitely be giving these a go. Thank you for sharing.

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  1. Hi Rachel. I don’t mind the cold. What I dislike is when you get to the stage where you go to work when it’s dark and come home when it’s dark – all of your ‘light’ hours are spent at work! I’ll give your tips a try to see if they can help to lighten things up a little 🙂

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