Helpful Travel Tips

Exciting adventures are what we all live for, but there are a lot of things you need to think about when traveling to a new country and the things that could potentially go wrong. New places to visit, speaking a new language and being with people you’ve never met before, so with everything to organise it’s definitely best to plan ahead and avoid dramas so you can have an amazing trip.

Traveling should be fun and hassle free, which is why I wanted to share some helpful travel tips with you all. Now we’re all able to get back to normality and start exploring new places again, here’s some tips which will help you in the future.

Get travel insurance

It’s essential before embarking on a new trip that you have suitable travel insurance and make sure you are fully covered in case something goes wrong. Don’t believe that ‘it wont happen to me’, you never know what happens when you go traveling and there are so many stories of large medical bills and problems with no insurance. Gadget insurance is also something I would recommend if your travel insurance policy does not include gadgets, you may be carrying an expensive camera, tablet, iPad or even laptop. For further peace of mind, having insurance to cover your gadgets is something important when you are taking expensive equipment on your travels.

Learn the basics of the local language

When your in someone’s home town or country, they will definitely appreciate it and make you more welcome if you attempt to speak the basics of the local language. Once thing I’ve learned about going to new places is that it’s not the best idea to assume that everyone speaks English. Remember, you’re a visitor in another country where the culture and language are both different. There are apps and books available to use before you set foot in another country, where you can learn the basis such as hello, yes, no, thank you and goodbye.

Pay for baggage before arriving at the airport

Nobody wants to be hit with inflated prices for luggage when arriving at the airport to go on holiday! When you book a holiday, there will be an option to pre-pay for luggage, I’d definitely recommend doing it then. If you get to the airport and do it then the prices will definitely be inflated, which isn’t what you want when embarking on an adventure.

Take your debit or credit cards and have some emergency money

It’s a sensible idea to have backup cards and money in case of emergencies when you’re away traveling. It’s best to store them in a separate location from your wallet, this way you are still able to have access to money during your travels if anything happens. Don’t keep your money and cards in one place, it’s always best to have a spare reserve to fall back on in case off an emergency.

Book flights in advance

If you’re going on a long traveling holiday with interconnecting flights, it’s always best to book in advance. This is not only because it will be less hassle while you’re away, but it will definitely be cheaper. When booking flights on budget airlines, flight prices will keep rising the closer that you get to your travel date. It takes all of the stress out of booking flights if you book them before you travel, no one wants the panic of trying to book flights days before traveling.

Keep your destination and travel dates flexible

Saving money when traveling is important, if you’re flexible with the dates and times of flights and hotels this may make it cheaper for you. If you’re not too bothered about the timings of your flights, being open minded with when you can travel for example late or early flights can definitely help you keep your costs down.

Carry or download a map

Navigating your way around a new city can be difficult, but with a map at hand this will really help you when traveling. You can ask at the front desk of your hotel or accommodation if they have a current map or tourist information booklets. You can also get apps on your phone to help with your travels, or plan out your trip with google maps and take screenshots of places you want to visit.

Comfy footwear and sun cream or lotion

The two main things you need when traveling, comfy shoes and sun cream. Whether you take trainers, hiking boots, you definitely don’t want to get blisters or sore feet. Sun cream is a very important, even on overcast days when you think the sun isn’t shining. It will definitely help your skin and stop you from being sun burned.

Traveling is exciting, but plan ahead to ensure your trip is stress free. I hope this was helpful, let me know in the comments.

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  1. Great post! It’s definitely a good idea to have some cash and bank cards, as I remember doing a tour of Europe when even in countries like Germany and France, my card wouldn’t work, despite having money in the bank! Now I always take a mixture of cash 🙂 I’ve got an unlocked phone now, so next time I’m in a foreign country, I’ll definitely be downloading maps and language translator apps, which I’ve seen on TV, as they are fab!

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  2. Hi Rachel,

    Excellent travel tips there, thanks.

    Learning a little of the local language is just polite, really, isn’t it? And, in my experience, once they have stood and smirked at your pitiful attempts at their language most people then speak to you in English (usually to a much better standard than your ability with their language)! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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