Tips to Make Life More Simple

Life isn’t complicated – but the way we live it can affect how simple it is! You can use your own energy and power to move yourself into a simple life that you can actually enjoy.

Bringing that simplicity back into your life and doing away with anything that doesn’t make life easier for you will make a massive difference! I’ve got some solutions to life’s problems, but they can help your days run a bit more smoothly.


This one is an oldie that we have all heard a million times before! I’m not saying to throw out all your possessions and start living minimalistic. But, we all have a bunch of stuff that we don’t really love, and probably don’t really need. Removing the clutter from your life helps it to be more stress free and makes it easier to find the things you need.

Tidy up

A few minutes a day tidying up everything in the kitchen, living room or bedroom really makes a difference. You get to start the day on a clean note and it’s easy to find the things you need. Plus every time I tidy up I feel like I get a new perspective on my life and the world around me!


Another way to simplify your life is to go through your email and unsubcribe from all the news letters you’re not actually interested in. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of generic and useless emails you may receive. Try to take the time and unsubscribe and watch your email declutter.

Make simple meals

One thing I hate is the question “oh no what are we gonna eat today?” This can cause a problem and make your life more stressful! Try to make your everyday meals more simple, only use to a few stable ingredients, and make sure your meals don’t contain 10 different things. Simple doesn’t mean boring and there’s a world of ideas out there when it comes to food!

Life shouldn’t be difficult or stressful, there are bound to stressful moments and things you can’t avoid. I hope this blog post has helped to give you some ideas of how your life can be more simple! Let me know what you think in the comment!

8 thoughts on “Tips to Make Life More Simple

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  1. I totally agree with you. Tidying up and decluttering is good for my mental health, so I try to tidy up every day and declutter every once in a while. I also find that having a daily to-list helps me to keep my life simple. It’s kind of like I can free up space in my mind.

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  2. Good ideas! I unsubscribed from so many unnecessary emails this summer. It makes my inbox look all nice and tidy. Also I can’t imagine people would want me on their list if I am no longer interested and never even open the mail. Simple is better!

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