How to Be More Self-Confident in Just 3 Minutes a Day

The Mystery of Self-Confidence, I’m sure we’ve all been baffled by it!

If you suffer from a lack of self-confidence, you know that it truly is a kind of suffering. You may feel “less than” others, or unaware of your own strengths. These feelings may cause you to approach life with defensiveness, or an excessive need to please others.

Ive never been the most confident person but my self confidence has grown massively over the time! I’m going to share how you can improve your self confidence by doing this fun mental exercise by yourself, privately, and in very little time.

The process is straightforward: Take three minutes or less to make a mental note of (or write down) one to three successes of your day.

By “successes,” I do not necessarily mean major achievements, but by focusing on daily victories, you reinforce your constructive actions and thoughts, thus making it likely you’ll have more small wins on subsequent days.

Some of you may be thinking, “Successes?! I don’t have successes. My life is a mess.” So, just to give you some ideas, here are 25 possible small wins to notice as you go through your day:

You made a good decision.
You took the time to exercise.
You felt compassion for yourself when you made a mistake instead of beating yourself up.
You responded to a situation in a better way than you normally would.
You took a break when you got tired instead of pushing yourself in an unhealthy way.
You refrained from making a bad situation worse.
You helped someone.
You refrained from helping someone because you needed to focus on your own projects.
You completed or made progress on a project.
You decided that something was not worth doing and quit doing it.
You persisted with a task, even when it was unpleasant.
You did something healthy for your mind, such as meditating for a few minutes when under stress or… doing the Daily Success Review!
You were able to find just the right thing to say to a family member, friend, or colleague.
You made a mistake and learned from it.
You made a mistake and didn’t let it ruin your day.
You took the initiative to set up a social occasion or strengthen a friendship.
You said no to unreasonable demands or set a boundary that needed to be set.
You apologized when you did something wrong and didn’t apologize when you didn’t.
You lived up to your values, even though it was difficult.
You set goals for your day and adjusted them when necessary.
You got an idea about how to move your life forward in some way.
You got an idea about your next work project.
You prepared for an event ahead of time so you wouldn’t have to rush the next day.
You accepted the reality that something couldn’t be changed, thus conserving your energy.
You paused and reflected on something before you acted, instead of reacting impulsively.
Of course, there is an infinite number of things you might feel good about on a given day. The list above is meant only to give you ideas. With or without the list, can you think of three successes you’ve already had today?

If you can’t seem to find successes in your day, you may be searching too hard for extraordinary and dramatic achievements. Remember the small wins!

Building self-confidence is a process, not an event, it can take time! But if you’ve tried this exercise for a few weeks and you still find it difficult to notice your good qualities and actions, you may want to seek help.

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  1. It’s really important to focus on the small achievements every day. One good idea is to write them all down and put them in a jar, then come back to it next year and read them all 😊

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