Creating Sunshine Is Essential; Here’s Why.

Even in the darkest of times, the only thing capable of motivating us to keep going is hope. The joy we can radiate from within when we are at peace with ourselves is absolutely massive. 2020 was a year that no one will forget, for many reasons, loss, sadness, hope, but also love and community spirit. The uncertainty still lingers, it’s more vital than ever to create sunshine for you and those around you.

It’s important to create sunshine because it affects your health, relationships and creativity and more importantly it shows on the outside if you feel good from within. Creating happiness starts with making choices about your thoughts and then moves into actions you make. It can’t happen overnight, you need to continually work at it, this involves getting rid of bad habits by reprogramming them with good habits. I’ve got some tips of how to help, here’s what you can do:

Don’t sweat the small stuff; learn to let things go.

Darkness comes when you start holding on to grudges, and regrets. Create your own sunshine by dealing with and acknowledging them, try not to sweat the small stuff. Work through your feelings instead of suppressing them and forgive those that have wronged you. You can use meditation or try manifesting to release and let go of that emotional attachment holding you back. It might take a few sessions and over a couple of months, so be patient and remember to forgive yourself as much as you forgive others.

Live in the “Present Now.”

It can be easy to get carried away with overwhelming emotion and regret of things we didn’t do and the risks we were too afraid to take. It’s easy to daydream about what we don’t have and want, everyday invalidations create a longing, making us restless as if we were not living life to it’s fullest. I often find myself starting my day with what I’m thankful for, it keeps me grounded and happy– I realise how lucky I am to be alive.

Set goals and hold yourself accountable for meeting them.

Having a purpose is vital, that’s why it is imperative to set goals and meet them. What do you value in life? What do you care about? Sit and honestly think of this, ask yourself what matters to you. Integrating your values with your goals will give you a personal mission statement. Give yourself some responsibility, I myself is the only responsible for reaching my goals, and I do this by using a daily planner and or journaling.

Please don’t be too tough on yourself; we all have setbacks. The key is not giving up on yourself; to get up and try again.

Smile more, laugh like no one watching, and always think of happy thoughts.

And remember, even in the darkest of nights, there’s a moon shining a gentle light of hope.

6 thoughts on “Creating Sunshine Is Essential; Here’s Why.

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  1. Creating sunshine is such a lovely concept and so so important. Especially after the year we’ve had. I’ve felt quite low for a while so I’m definitely going to try and improve on being in the moment and finding those little moments of sunshine throughout the day x

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  2. I love this! We all could use some sunshine after this past year. It’s presented so many challenges and it’s so easy to disregard our mental health rather than caring for it

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