March 2021 – Monthly Reflection

Wow… another month has gone in a flash… Spring has finally arrived, the weather is gradually getting better and life looks more promising!

We’ve hit the year anniversary of the lockdown in the UK, a lot of things to look back on and appreciate. We’ve all been through unimaginable things in the past year and I hope you are all doing well, I love the blogging community I am a part of and want to wish you all the best.

March has been an okay month, I’ve not been to many places but a fair few things have happened so I thought I’d share some more personal things this month. It’s funny but I had to really think about these photos because I feel like I haven’t taken many photos and I haven’t really been anywhere!

So, I’m starting with an accomplishment of mine. At work this month I was approved as an Affiliate Professional for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, I cannot tell you how proud and happy I am. This is something I’ve worked so hard for and finally been recognised for my efforts in Marketing after four years in University and two years in the field!
At work we celebrated International Women’s Day, this is something very close to my heart especially when I’m at work. I work with a team of brilliant men and women, who all deserve to be celebrated, but we all appreciate the strong women in our lives, and choose to challenge is needed!
Last week my boyfriend and I made our own fake away KFC, honestly it was brilliant. We’ve been watching this guy on YouTube who cooks in his back garden and does all kinds of amazing food! Check him out, he’s called Sam the Cooking Guy!
And then after eating wonderful food, my wisdom teeth have become infected and I’ve also got a cyst which needs surgically removing, however after ending up in A&E I’m now on soft food for the foreseeable. The wonderful food and fake away meals will have to wait till I’m able to eat properly again …

So that was March 2021 for me… interesting, stressful and painful at times, but life is life I suppose… Hopefully April will be much better and I get to actually go on adventures.

Let me know how March was for you, also any help with soft food would be appreciated… please suggest good soup, yoghurts and ice cream to me…

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