Why I Want To Travel More Post COVID?

How on Earth did life go from being so normal to so alien in such a short space of time? And now hopefully life should be returning to some sort of normality within months.

So when I say “travel” throughout this post, I’m referring to holidays. Whether that be a staycation in the UK to a city I’ve never been to, maybe even go abroad, keeping my fingers crossed. But I’m definitely not the only one who will have a ton of travel plans or dreams after COVID or when it’s safe to do so again.

Travel is a big part of many of our lives. And not traveling or seeing anywhere new can definitely have a detrimental effect on our mental health and general well-being. I have loved going to new places and exploring and I can’t wait to start going places again when this nightmare is over. Here are some reasons why I can’t wait to travel again after COVID!

The planning stage is mega exciting

The thing about travel, holidays, events and anything like that, is that the planning stage is SO exciting. So really, your travel adventures start much earlier than when you actually get on the plane or the train. The great thing now is that the planning stage of your trip is so easy, with many sites such as Expedia and Air BnB, to use to compare prices and personalize your trip options to suit you. From planes, trains, hotels, villas or coaches, to anywhere from London, Vienna, Paris, Brussel.

Having nothing to look forward

This is something I think we have all suffered from during this lockdown and the previous lowdown. I have found that it has really negatively impacted my mental health. Which is something I’ve worried quite a lot about this year during lockdown and something I’ve tried SO hard to avoid happening. With things started to make a turn for the better, looking forward to something is exactly what we need right now, even if it is a long term dream.

Enjoy myself in a different location

Yes, we have all tried to keep enjoying ourselves throughout the last year. But, I do want to enjoy myself in a place that isn’t my local park. Sounds selfish I know, it even if it is only a weekend away in the UK, I’d take that over staying at home any day. I think in the future we are all going to enjoy and appreciate the places we visit more than we ever did before. Take lots of pictures, make photo albums of the first trip post-covid and make memories to last a lifetime.

I’m bored

Okay, final point but one that I think a lot of people will agree with. I’m bored. I’m bored of being at home. My weekends involve walks and a weekly mooch around the supermarket. I’m just bored of this year and Covid. I know the most important thing about this year was that we stayed safe and healthy, there’s no denying that staying at home for as long as we have has all caused us to have problems with our mental health.

I’m not the only one who’s felt bored this year, whilst I’m grateful to have had a job throughout lockdown, I’ve really missed traveling and going for breaks away with my boyfriend and family.

Have you missed traveling this year? Are you going to travel more when COVID is over? Where are you going to go first?

15 thoughts on “Why I Want To Travel More Post COVID?

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  1. I completely agree with you. I really want to travel more post-covid because I think it’s important to experience life and especially the life we’ve lost over the past year. There’s so much to explore out there!

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  2. Completely agree with this! Can’t wait to be able to travel safely again and visit my parents first of all and then visit something new! If we learned something this past year is that we need to enjoy life more!

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