February 2021 – Monthly Wrap-up

I must say this every time I do a monthly wrap-up, but how quickly did February fly-by… One minute it’s February 1st the next it’s March, it came and went without me noticing.

This month I set myself a goal to care about my self a bit more, so I’ve been counting my calories, eating nice foods I really like and doing fun workouts. Most of this has been to improve my self-esteem and fitness as well as trying to loose some weight.

Normally I would have said I’d do this in January and be really strict with myself. Not this year, instead I enjoyed January, I had the weekend glass of wine, ate the foods I wanted too and cooked guilty pleasure food.

Now February has come and gone I’ve noticed a massive difference in my energy levels, mainly from exercising more often as well as drinking a hell of a lot of water each day.

I’ve also finally got back round to doing a weekly walk, I started this last year in lockdown and continued it, weather permitting of course. But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it each week, getting out into nature again now the weather is better has been the highlight of February.

It has been cold but thoroughly worth it, wrapping up like an Eskimo isn’t always what you expect in the UK, however, when the sun is shining you’ve got to make the most of it.

I’ve also noticed how friendly people are when you pass them in the park or on the street, smiling, greeting you. I love it, makes my day when people nod, smile or give me a little wave when I walk past, sort of makes me feel like I’m not on my own.

I hope your February has been a good one, I feel like we all need to keep checking on one another because we’re all feeling the blues of lockdown and winter at the moment!

Let me know what you’ve been up to this February in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “February 2021 – Monthly Wrap-up

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  1. It sounds like a lovely February and I totally get what you said about the meaning of smiles and nods on walks. Definitely since covid began people have been so much friendlier towards each other and I hope it continues to be like that once life returns to a bit of normality.

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  2. February has flown by hasn’t it, you wouldn’t think a few days would make so much difference to a month but it really does!

    Its great that you’ve really made time for you this month, I hope March is even better for you x

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