September Monthly Review

So my birthday month is well and truly over… I am quite sad about it because it’s been a wonderful month, I’ve done some wonderful things throughout the month.

This month has been a tricky one, local lockdowns, more face covering guidelines, etc. But I feel like we need to make the most of this year while we can, obviously as safely as possible, here’s how I have made the most of this month:

Food – haha as per usual

Food is like the centre of my life, but I love sharing the restaurants and pubs I’ve been to while on holiday or exploring the UK. While me and my boyfriend were on holiday in Norfolk we found a few lovely places to eat that I would definitely recommend. One we found on a map of the best places for food and drink in the UK.


Having a birthday during the working week some people may moan but I love it. The current company I work at do birthdays like no other, with lots of cake and tea. Lol no alcohol during the day!

I also had a lovely time celebrating with my family and Boyfriend, we went out for a meal, more food lol!

Holiday in Norfolk

So I finally got to have a break away this year, after the whole Lock down and no travelling abroad because of Coronavirus, my Boyfriend and I booked to go to Norfolk. I loved it, it was a brilliant stay-cation because we made the most of the sunny weather and visited some beautiful places.

We went to Sandringham, Holkham Hall and National Trust Houses Oxburgh and Blickling estate, so keep your eyes out for my blog posts about those lovely places.

Appreciating being able to travel

When you finally get to leave your house and take break from work you really do appreciate the ability to travel, without having to jump on a plane. I feel like stay-cation’s are going to be the future for holidays in the UK, which is brilliant because there are many many places that are worth visiting.

So September is done with, wow! Time is flying, this year seems to be passing us by so quickly.

However, we are now going into autumn, my favouite season! Let me know how your September went, what did you get up to?

24 thoughts on “September Monthly Review

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  1. Aww yummy food! Your birthday cake is so cute, I love those colors. Time is indeed flying fast, I can’t believe it’s already October!!! I hope this month brings you joy & so many good things ❤️ x

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  2. Thanks for sharing your roundup. It’s funny that you say staycations could be the future of holidays in the UK. When I grew up in England, that’s all we ever did! I had never been on a plane until we emigrated to Canada when I was 9. Here in Canada, I could go to a different place every year and never leave the country. We’ve done a lot of travelling in Canada but it’s still nice to go “away” too.

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  3. I’m loving roundups at the moment, it’s a good capture of what you have done and where you’ve been. I’m glad you could have a little holiday looks like you had brill weather!

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  4. I agree staycations may be the future of travel for awhile. I would love to do a staycation too if only there weren’t so many requirements before you could do so in the Philippines.

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  5. Ah it looks like your September was nice, all things considered! I think you’re right about staycations! I hope things go back to normal soon, I’d love to be able to get married next year!

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  6. It sounds like September was a great month! That is so nice that your employer recognises your birthday and try to make it special! Also, all that food looks AMAZING!

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  7. I love this post! OMG the company you work for sounds great with birthdays and your Norfolk comments were great. I want to go there one day!

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  8. Sounds and looks like it’s been a great month, despite the restrictions. I’m trying to convince the family about a trip to Norfolk as it’s relatively close to us here in Yorkshire. Oh, and yha pizza in the pics looks lively

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  9. All that food has my drooling! It looks lovely. And the cake. It is so nice that you’re work help you celebrate.
    I work in a school and my Birthday is always the first week of the holidays which is a real bonus!

    Have a lovely October x x

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  10. Im glad you enjoyed Norfolk!!! Great choice of places to visit and yes we have some amazing food!! I love when people come and see the beauty of my county – some people can’t understand what we love about it so much! Xxx

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  11. Happy belated birthday to you love! I absolutely love food as well and it is the center of my life lol!! That food looks so good though!! xxx

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