Blogging Essentials I Use Daily

There are a variety of different tools and resources that can help you when creating killer content and building a successful blog. As a blogger myself I have my own little kit that I use every time I start blogging.

I found that when starting to develop my blog the below essentials where my starting point, they can help you if you are new to the blogging community or thinking about starting a blog.

Here are the five blogging essentials that I use when blogging:

A notebook
Having a notebook handy is a great way to brainstorm blog post ideas and jotting down prompts. It keeps you on track and if your struggling for inspiration you can look back for more ideas. Everyone knows that the best ideas come at the most random moments, so having a notebook you can carry in your bag can be helpful.

I like to write down current thoughts and prior blog posts so that I know what I’ve written about without needing an internet connection. I am quite old fashioned, I like to put pen to paper before I start writing.


Phone and laptop
When blogging you can use your phone or laptop to upload a blog post or photos to your blog. You can use your phone and laptop to share your blog posts via social media and connect with your audience. I use WordPress and I use the app which makes my blogging work a lot simpler, I would recommend using it

Your phone allows you to work on the go and present your blog on multiple platforms. A laptop may be more efficient for blogging but not to carry around on a daily basis. Once you’ve shared the blog on your phone you can further monitor the stats or data on your laptop.

Social Media platforms
Setting up social media platforms is a must to help make your blog successful. by using social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram you can connect and network with other bloggers and creators.

Social Media platforms help you to boost your blog traffic and enable your blog posts to have a bigger reach. I only discovered that using Twitter can really help to boost your blog traffic recently, the views on my blog have grown massively. In the last two months, my blog traffic has doubled, honestly take this advice seriously.

A schedule
There are many different scheduling apps out there. However, if you use WordPress you can schedule as many blog posts as possible.

By scheduling blog posts you can stay active on social media to help boost your engagement even when it is not possible to be on social media. If like me you have followers around the world scheduling content at varying times will help reach a wider audience.


These five essentials will help you when starting a blog or helping to boost your engagement and your blog traffic.

A lot of bloggers worry about the traffic to their blog, it’s natural when you’re a blogger! Especially when the content you create is so important, you want people to read it, you want people to get excited about it.

Have you got other essentials that you can recommend,  I’d love to hear about what you use in the comments.

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  1. I agree with you on the pen and paper. I always start by jotting down some notes the old fashioned way before heading to my iPad or computer. I also use an Excel calendar to plan out my content by month.

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    1. I love these ideas! I’m the same with my notebook, laptop and phone. Literally can’t go anywhere without my notebook. I also love tailwind, finally gave in and tried it after hearing everyone rave about it. It’s improved my blog traffic so much!

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  2. Yes to all of these! The only thing I schedule is pins or sometimes my blog when I want it to go live whilst I’m working but other than that I can be a bit last minute 😂 trying to start getting myself more organised though

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  4. Awesome post! I am liking the content. Web traffic is insanely important to this internet marketing game we play. Thank you for sharing!


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