Blog Advice from Actual Bloggers

Today, I wanted to do something I’ve never done before.

I wanted to connect with more bloggers and collaborate with them. I feel like no matter how much you blog, getting advice is always wanted.

I always look to other bloggers when I’m looking for inspiration or am in the mood to immerse myself in the blogging world.

So without further ado… Here are four bloggers with some great advice for all the bloggers out there:

Tajinder Kaur    I’ve been blogging for a while. Initially, I started as a music blogger who switched lanes to fashion blogging. Through the process, I’ve learned a few lessons.
1. It all begins with consistency. It’s vital in any profession and it doesn’t differ for blogging.woman-lying-and-typing-on-laptop-6249
2. Blogging can be lonely at times. Use social media as a tool to find your tribe, to support one another, collaborate and become good friends.
3. Create content you enjoy, but remember to show up for your readers. Catch their interests, educate and inspire.
4. Blogging also allows you to discover hidden talents and potential side hustles, tapping into untouched creativity. Most importantly, just have fun with it.

As for writing, the world inspires me, whether that’s what’s happening in my personal life or in wider society. I always try to use my voice to make an impact.


A Little Cup of Helen  Blogging Inspiration can be found in all facets of life. My family is my everything and I love to share our latest adventures and the odd complete and utter fail. A lover of beautiful objects, I adore creating areas in my house that make it feel like home. As a painter, I draw inspiration from the world around me which translates from ideas to the canvas in my abstract metallic musings.

As with everyone, my life isn’t always social media worthy, but I endeavour to be honest about the whole of life, fluff ups and all! I have been blogging inconsistently (due to ill health) for 2 years, but I have made a promise to myself to up my game this year. The “benefit” if you will of being stuck indoors due to covid, is I have had uninterrupted time to think, write and create. Not only is this good for my blog, but it is also good for my soul.

Blogging allows you to connect with people across the entire world, which I think is pretty awesome. I have gained friends through follows over the years, and love to be part of the blogging community.


photo-of-person-taking-picture-of-fruits-3060516ToomStone– Corey E. Toomey.  I publish content almost daily and started in February 2020. My advice is to blog as frequently as you can, even on obscure topics. Every day brings you a unique experience that is worth blogging about.

Use other social media platforms to get your name out. Don’t be too concerned about writing something flawless; you can always go back and fix it. Bad content is better than no content.


Simply Ana   I started blogging and created my YouTube channel when I was 17. This was in 2013 and online content creator community was completely different back then from what it is now. I abandoned it about two years in to concentrate on other things like university and work, but I have been thinking about getting back to it all the time. Finally, I did during this lockdown, as I had all the free time in the world. I would say that I absolutely love the support small creators give each other, it is so nice to connect with other bloggers and YouTubers as well as building meaningful relationships.

It is definitely much harder than people think. it is not just filming a quick video or writing a super quick blog post… a lot of thinking, brainstorming, researching, editing, etc. is involved with each video or post. If you are passionate about what you do, it doesn’t feel like hard work, as it is enjoyable and rewarding.

When blogging staying consistent is key, and also getting out there and promoting your work is very important, as there is soooo much good content online that getting noticed by accident is almost impossible. I try to utilise social media as my free marketing tool.


I hope this blog post inspires you to connect with more bloggers on your social media channels.

I found that connecting with more bloggers on social media has helped me to connect and grow my blog day by day!

Let me know what you think, and a massive thank you to the amazing bloggers who reached out to me and took part in this blog!

24 thoughts on “Blog Advice from Actual Bloggers

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  1. I absolutely love this and how you’ve managed to collaborate with other bloggers to share their advice on the subject of blogging.

    Blogging can be such a lonely job so it’s so valuable to build meaningful relationships online, not only to build our brands but to also make sure we can connect with other like-minded individuals.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Kate |

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  2. Love this! Good advice from other bloggers is incredibly useful and motivating to not give up during harder times. I was (and still kind of am) blogging not consistently for the last year or so and this year I promised myself to just do it and blog as regurlarly as I possibly can so this post just kicked me with motivation, so I am saying a huge thank you to you and all the other bloggers who helped you with this post!! Thank you!!! x

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  3. What a great inspirational post, Rachel. Everything feels good about it – the collaborative nature of it as well as the advice from each blogger. Thank you!

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  4. This is a really great resource to refer to! I really like how you gathered info from other bloggers to share their thoughts and perspective

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  5. This is such a great idea for a post where you’ve drawn advice from other bloggers into one place. The advice is so helpful and inspirational. Thank you for putting this post together and sharing.

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  6. Love this blog post! For me the biggest tip I could ever share is social media is invaluable! If you cultivate your following on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram it has a direct correlation on my page views!
    Katie |

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  7. This is a unique and helpful post. I haven’t seen other bloggers do something like this before and I like how each blogger has shared their own advice. I’m always looking for advice or tips to help improve my blog so this is great. Thank you for creating this!

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  8. Great post, and excellent advice from a lot of talented bloggers. There is a common theme throughout about the importance of relationships and collaboration. Blogging is challenging as it stands, but it’s even more challenging to succeed if you try to go it alone. Building relationships with other bloggers and lending each other a hand is the key to growth.

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